Not only does Vintage Home Loan offer the same traditional mortgage lending options as our competition, but we have leapt into the future of mortgage lending by offering non traditional mortgages as well.

Our Team

Nirvana Roof
Phone: 832.910.8982
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Tamica Dirden
Phone: 832.910.8984
Brandon Tripicchio
Phone: 832-661-4626
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Zach Castro
Phone: 805-432-6761
Brian Hudak
Phone: 832-606-6067
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Mike Grandjean
Phone: 281-299-6124
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Emile Sexton
Phone: 832-896-0853
Jessica M Santiago Jones
Phone: 904-483-6380
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Daniel Frezek
Phone: 512-791-2997
Daniella Ottone
Phone: 904-615-3825

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