Not only does Vintage Home Loan offer the same traditional mortgage lending options as our competition, but we have leapt into the future of mortgage lending by offering non traditional mortgages as well.

Not every borrower fits into a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac product therefore VHL specializes in unique lending and has partnered with several lenders who offer Non-Conforming products.  

 Here are the highlights of just a few products that are outside of the box:

Vintage Home Loan Product List 

  1. Alternate Document Loans
    1. Asset Depletion
  2. Credit Report Issue Exceptions:
    1. Bankruptcy reduced seasoning
    2. Foreclosure/Short Sale/Deed in Lieu reduced seasoning
    3. Up to 55% DTI needed
    4. Scores down to 50
  3. Fix/Flip Loans
  4. Foreign National/ITIN Loans
  5. Investor Loans
    1. First Time Investor
    2. Finance up to 20 properties
    3. Unleased property (refi only)
    4. Debt Service Coverage/Cash Flow
    5. Close in LLC
  6. Jumbo Loans
  7. Manual Underwritten FHA/VA Loans
    1. Down to 500 FICO
  8. Mixed Used Property Loans
  9. Multi Plex
    1. 5-35 Unit
  10. Non Warrantable Condo Loans
  11. SETH/TSHAC Down Payment Assistance ( Texas )
  12. Renovation Loans
  13. Self Employed Borrowers
    1. Bank Statement 

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