Not only does Vintage Home Loan offer the same traditional mortgage lending options as our competition, but we have leapt into the future of mortgage lending by offering non traditional mortgages as well.

Not every borrower fits into a standard mortgage, therefore, VHL offers an array of unique loans to fit most borrower’s needs.

Here are the highlights of just a few products that are outside of the box:

  1. Alternative Document Loans
  2. 1xClose Construction Loans
  3. Blanket Loans
  4. BK/Foreclosure/SS/DIL/DTI/FICO Issues
  5. First Time Home Buyer Programs
  6. Fix/Flip
  7. Foreign National/ITIN Loans
  8. Interest Only
  9. Investor Loans
  10. Jumbo Loans
  11. Manual UW FHA/VA
  12. Multi Plex
  13. Non-Warrantable Condo Loans
  14. Renovation Loans
  15. Self Employed Borrowers
  16. CondoTel/PUDtel
  17. Manufactured Homes
  18. Mobile Homes


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